Wear Your Adventure with Qlippie

 Qlippie is a tiny wearable camera that, as the name suggests, you can “clip” on your shirt or your bag strap or pockets and, being the first dressable camera globally, you can match it with your ensemble by choosing among different stick-on signature skins. When your OOTD is all set, just select the shooting mode and you’re good to go—choose the camera mode so you’re ready for quick point-and-shooting, or set it to video mode and take videos hands-free.


Fancy: Pocket-friendly Gimbal

Are you fond of watching vlogs on YouTube or Instagram? Ever wish you took the same clear photos and steady videos as your favorite video blogger? The secret behind those steady walk-around-town videos and non-grainy photos is a gimbal. When you google “gimbal” on the internet and click the Images tab of your results page, you are redirected to a page full of photos of a black contraption with either a single or dual rod that seems more likely to be found in a mechanic’s garage or laboratory. For most people, the gimbal is simply called a stabilizer and you use it for taking videos and photos with your camera when you’re on the go (literally, when you’re walking or moving) without sacrificing image quality. From the viewpoint of a non-professional photographer, the gimbal seems intimidating, complicated to use, heavy and expensive.


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